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Windsor High School
Smithfield High School
Georgie Tyler Middle School
Smithfield Middle School
Windsor Elementary School
Hardy Elementary School
Carrsville Elementary School
Westside Elementary School
Carrollton Elementary School
Welcome to Isle of Wight County Schools!
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Message from the Superintendent



Welcome to Isle of Wight County Schools! 

One of my goals is to make you knowledgeable of issues impacting Isle of Wight County Schools and to make you aware of all the exciting things happening throughout the division.  We will be using our website, as well as Twitter and Facebook, to share information with you.  In addition, I have started a Superintendent's Blog as a way to provide more insight into matters related to Isle of Wight County Schools.  I hope you will follow, like and bookmark these resources as a way to stay connected to IWCS.  Through multiple forms of communication, I look forward to sharing with you my commitment to ensuring the success of every child, every day. 

Dr. Jim Thornton, Superintendent


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