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Home » News » Breaking News » Inclement Weather Make-Up Scenarios
Inclement Weather Make-Up Scenarios

Inclement Weather Make-Up Scenarios

Please note the following scenarios that will be used in the instance of closings or delays this week due to weather conditions. All information regarding school closings and delays will be communicated via the Connect 5 messaging system as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued flexibility and patience during these challenging weather conditions. 


January 29 – 31, 2014 Weather Scenarios


January 29 – Schools Closed (2nd Semester Begins)

  • If schools are closed, there is no need for students to make up this day because of banked time from make-up days on January 27 & 28


January 30

  • Scenario 1 - If schools are closed, April 2 becomes a full day for everyone (currently 90 minute early dismissal) and ONLY elementary schools will lose Feb 19 as an early dismissal day in order to make up time.
  • Scenario 2 - If there is a 2hr delay, there is no make–up for anyone because of banked time from make-up days on January 27 & 28

January 31 – If schools are closed or there is a 2hr delay...

  • April 4 becomes a school day for all students with 90-minute early dismissal and exam day
  • April 2 & 3 become full days (currently early release for students)
  • April 3 & 4 become exam days (Moved from April 2 & 3)

*In the event of make –up day calendar conflicts, IWCS students who attend regional programs will be expected to adhere to their program’s calendar and transportation will be provided for our students to attend if the program is in session.


2nd Semester will begin on first day students return back to school

  • Benchmarks (Elementary & Middle) – the schools will determine their own schedule to be completed by Feb 13
  • SOL Testing (High School) - expedited re-take dates move from Feb 18 &19 to Feb 25 & 26
  • Final Exams - schools will set up a schedule for students to elect to take optional exams the week of Feb 3-7.  There will be two testing sessions (one during am + one during pm + one after school will be offered)

*All grades will be finalized and posted by COB, Friday, February 7


Feb 10 – adjustments made to student schedules impacted by grade changes resulting from optional exam grades


Report Cards - Issue date for 2nd quarter moved from February 6 to February 13.