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Isle of Wight County Schools' mission is to provide rigorous, academic programs in a safe school environment that fosters high levels of student achievement. The division is committed to offering educational programs characterized by high academic standards that prepare students to exceed state and national accreditation standards.  The curriculum will prepare students to be lifelong learners for the ever-changing global community.


AdvancED District Accreditation

In 2011, the division underwent the extensive and rigorous process of seeking district level accreditation from AdvancED (SACS CASI). AdvancED is a global leader in advancing excellence in education through continuous improvement, effective organization, and accreditation.


Virginia Accreditation

School accreditation ratings reflect student achievement on Standards of Learning Assessments and other tests in English, history/social science, mathematics and science. Ratings are based on the achievement of students on tests taken during the previous academic year and may also reflect a three-year average of achievement. Adjustments also may be made for students with limited English proficiency and for students who have recently transferred into a Virginia public school. Accreditation ratings also may reflect the success of a school in preparing students for retakes of SOL tests.

The documents below show the accreditation ratings of individual schools. Schools are grouped by school division. The information provided for each school includes the current accreditation rating and passing percentages for Standards of Learning assessments and substitute tests in English, mathematics, history/social science, and science.

The files below are in Excel format.


Federal Accountability

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) – known since 2001 as No Child Left Behind (NCLB) – requires states to set annual measurable objectives (AMOs) for increasing student achievement. The Board of Education, under its June 29, 2012, NCLB flexibility waiver, established AMOs for reducing proficiency gaps between students in the commonwealth’s lowest-performing and highest-performing schools. The AMOs represent the minimum percentage of students within each subgroup in the lowest-performing schools that must pass Standards of Learning (SOL) tests in reading and mathematics in order to reduce sufficiently proficiency gaps in reading and mathematics within six years. These objectives in reading and mathematics replace the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) targets schools were previously required to meet.

 Schools receive one of the following designations

  • Met All Requirements – Schools that met all objectives for overall and subgroup performance in reading and mathematics. Within that category are two designations:
    • Reward Schools – High-performing or improving schools recognized through the Virginia Index of Performance (VIP) incentive program or as Title I Distinguished Schools or federal Blue Ribbon Schools.
    • Other Schools – Schools meeting all AMOs – but are not classified as a Reward School
  • Priority Schools – Priority schools must engage a state-approved turnaround partner to help implement a school-improvement model meeting state and federal requirements. 
  • Focus Schools – Focus schools must employ a state-approved coach to help the division develop, implement and monitor intervention strategies to improve the performance of students at risk of not meeting achievement standards or dropping out of school.
  • Did Not Meet All Requirements – Schools with subgroups not meeting AMOs – but are not Priority or Focus Schools – as well as schools that met all annual benchmarks, but did not meet one or more objectives for continuous improvement receive one of the two following designations:
    • Improvement Plan Required – Schools with student subgroups not meeting AMOs must develop and implement state-approved improvement plans to raise the achievement of these students.
    • Did Not Meet All – Meet Higher Expectations (MHE) – Schools that met all annual benchmarks, but did not maintain previous year's passing rate within 5 percent, or did not make continuous improvement (Asian subgroup only) and are not required to implement an improvement plan.

Click below for division report card from the Virginia Department of Education.