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Energy Management

Energy management is necessary in order for the school division to: minimize the impact energy cost increases will have on the budget, maintain a reliable supply of energy to meet the functional needs of the division, and ensure that energy is used efficiently.

In the last few years, Isle of Wight County Schools has undertaken several steps to ensure effective energy management. Listed below are some of the measures we have instituted.
  • Retrofitting light fixtures to use newer energy efficient (T8) lamps and ballasts. This results in a 50-70% reduction in energy consumption.
  • Installing lighting occupancy sensors in key areas.
  • Upgrading to Digital Energy Management System. This allows the division to set specific times to raise and lower building temperatures based on hours of occupancy.
  • Instituted four-day work weeks during summers since 2008. This schedule has resulted in approximately $9,000 in savings per year.
  • Developed energy conservation guidelines that are to be followed by all school division employees.