2019-2020 Indicator 8 Parent Survey

Your school division should have provided you with an opportunity to participate in a short survey, which VDOE will use to collect the necessary data to report on this requirement.  Your participation in this survey will help VDOE collect additional information to identify training needs related to the special education processes.  The VDOE will use the results of this survey to improve parental involvement in the special education process and improve outcomes for all students within the Commonwealth.  It is important to note that your responses are recorded anonymously and cannot be personally linked to your child.

The online survey will be opened on April 15, 2020, and will be available for completion in English and Spanish at the following links:


English Version ----- English Version of 2019-2020 Indicator 8 Parent Survey


Spanish Version ---- Spanish Version of 2019-2020 Indicator 8 Parent Survey


If you have questions or need assistance concerning this survey process, please contact Hank Millward, via telephone, at (804) 371-0525 or via email, at [email protected].