IWCS Athletics

Isle of Wight County Schools (IWCS) provides an opportunity for athletically inclined students to develop their skills and knowledge to a higher degree of competency on and off the field.  The IWCS Athletics program helps develop young men and women into successful citizens that are both college and career ready. Skills acquired through athletics are proven to build character, inspire the desire to achieve excellence, and develops a sense of self-pride. Commradery with teammates and interaction with opponents reinforces the importance of both loyalty and respect for the dignity of others.

All IWCS teams and players are expected to: (via VHSL Handbook)

  1. Be courteous to visiting teams and officials.
  2. Play hard and to the limit of his/her ability, regardless of discouragement. The true athlete does not give up nor does he/she quarrel, cheat, bet or grandstand.
  3. Retain his/her composure at all times and never leave the bench or enter the playing field/court to engage in a fight.
  4. Be modest when successful and be gracious in defeat. A true sportsman does not offer excuses for failures.
  5. Maintain a high degree of physical fitness by observing team and training rules conscientiously.
  6. Demonstrate loyalty to the school by maintaining a satisfactory scholastic standing and by participating in or supporting other school activities.
  7. Play for the love of the game.
  8. Understand and observe the rules of the game and the standards of eligibility.


Additional information can be found in the following School Board Policies.
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Patrick Dulin

Athletic Director - Smithfield High School



LaJuane Gaddis

Athletic Director - Windsor High School