Interest Survey for Accidental Damage Insurance for IWCS Devices

Isle of Wight County Schools has partnered with AGiREPAIR to provide an optional accidental coverage plan on all devices issued to students.  The plan covers accidental damage to devices, including liquid spills and cracked screens. To receive the proposed rate for a specific device, the division will need at least 100 participants in the plan.  The survey will determine if enough interest exists from parents to offer the accidental coverage.  You will be notified before device distribution to bring money to your child's school during device pick-up if you wish to participate in the accidental coverage plan.

Isle of Wight County Schools continues to also partner with Worth Avenue group which provides a full coverage option, including loss or theft of a device.  Replacement costs for IWCS devices are:  $299 for an iPad, $300 for a ChromeBook, and $882 for a MacBook. Parents interested in this option would purchase the plan directly from Worth Avenue.  More information on full coverage plans can be found at:  

Parents are also encouraged to check their homeowner's or renter's insurance policies to determine if device damage or loss would be covered by existing policies.

Please complete this 3 question survey and indicate if you are interested in purchasing the optional accidental coverage plan for your child's device.  The survey will close Tuesday, August 25 by 4:00pm. 

IWCS Device Insurance Plan Survey