IWCS Response to National Walkout Day on March 14, 2018

It has been brought to our attention that students in some of our schools may be planning to participate in a national school walkout for 17 minutes on March 14, 2018. The walkout is in response to the recent tragedy in Parkland, Florida where 17 students lost their lives.

The division will maintain a neutral position and staff will neither encourage nor discourage student participation. Our focus will be on ensuring the safety of our students and limiting disruptions to the instructional day. We encourage you to speak with your child about the importance of instructional time and urge him/her to remain in class, as we believe this is the safest environment.

Students who choose to walk out will be expected to do so in a civil and respectful manner and not interrupt instruction. For the safety of our students, there will be a designated area on school grounds where students may gather. Designated staff will be present to monitor student safety. Disciplinary actions will not occur unless students are disruptive, violate the IWCS Student Code of Conduct, leave campus or are found in an unauthorized area. Students will be allowed to re-enter classrooms and resume instruction.

In an effort to minimize security concerns, members of the community, including parents, will not be permitted to participate in any student-led walkout on school grounds. If a parent elects to sign a student out of school at the time of the walkout, they will be required to immediately leave the school campus.

IWCS believes this is an excellent time to talk with your child about opportunities for civic engagement and the importance of developing the knowledge and skills to make a difference.