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ISLE Awards

In conjunction with the Isle of Wight County Schools Strategic Plan, the division supports a recognition program that is open to any member of the Isle of Wight County Schools' community.  Staff, teachers, students, volunteers, parents, and community members can all be nominated for a monthly IWCS ISLE award. 

**If the recognition is related to a specific school, please submit a nomination through the school specific ISLE Award form, located on the school's website or in the school's newsletter.**

The award focuses on the four broad areas of the Strategic Plan:  Inspire, Succeed, Lead, Empower.  The first letter of each word spells ISLE.  When read together, the sound you hear is “I’ll Inspire” or “I’ll Succeed”, giving everyone ownership of the key actions throughout the plan.

Across IWCS, people are demonstrating acts of inspiration, success, leadership, and empowerment.  The ISLE award welcomes nominations that demonstrate how someone in the IWCS community has embodied one of these areas.

From October through June, four nominees will be selected for recognition--one in each category-- and will be highlighted on social media pages and websites for IWCS.

Thank you for taking time to nominate someone for an IWCS ISLE Award.

ISLE Award Nomination Form