The Isle of Wight County School Board is composed of five members who are elected by county voting district. They are elected to four-year staggered terms in November, with service beginning on January 1 of the year following the election. The chairman and vice chairman are elected annually during the January organizational board meeting. The School Board members are John Collick (District 5, formerly the Carrsville district); Michael Cunningham (District 3, formerly the Hardy district); Jason Maresh (District 4, formerly the Windsor district); Brandi Perkins (District 1, formerly the Smithfield district); and Mark Wooster (District 2, formerly the Newport district).
 The official duties of the School Board include:
  • Adopting policies for the school division
  • Adopting long-range goals and objectives for the school division
  • Selecting the superintendent
  • Overseeing the construction and maintenance operations for the school division
  • Approving the budget, awarding contracts, determining salaries, and overseeing efficient operation of school division
  • Approving the annual school calendar and school operating times
  • Determining school boundaries