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Seniors of the Month

During the months of October through May, the Isle of Wight County School Board recognizes an Outstanding Senior from each high school at a School Board meeting.  As part of the recognition program, the seniors will receive a $500 scholarship to the post-secondary school or program they will attend to further their education.
The Senior of the Month for February from Windsor High School (WHS) is Lindsay Dube. Lindsay is that wonder of all wonders--a well-rounded student. She has been an important part of almost all avenues of WHS life. She has been a cheerleader, a soccer player, a vital participant in class activities, and a state level forensics team competitor. Most of all, she has been a superb student and a wholesome and fundamental member of our school's culture. Lindsay continues, despite the hardships presented by the pandemic, to contribute to our school. Her determination leads her to be an example to others, while her kindness and compassion toward others makes her a blessing. "Lindsay has it all: great intellect, passionate hunger for the rights of all, and a giving and encouraging nature. She has been an intrinsic part of the fabric of WHS since she entered. Her future is bright!"--Luann Scott, teacher. Lindsay Dube plans to go to Coastal Carolina University to major in marine biology.
The Senior of the Month for February from Smithfield High School is Daniel "Luke" Scrivanich. Luke participated in his first DECA event - the District Leadership Competition - which was held virtually for the first time, and required a lengthy exam as well as scenario analysis and role-play performance via FlipGrid. As a first-time DECA competitor, Luke won 1st Place in the Entrepreneurship Event category, outscored his closest competitor by a whopping 72 points, and earned the highest overall score in the entire competition, across 12 event categories. Luke consistently contributes in a meaningful and thoughtful way to class discussions and group activities, as well as submitting high caliber work on each assignment. With a 4.2 cumulative GPA, he pushes the boundaries of what is required, demonstrates a high degree of initiative and self-motivation, and is passionate about learning more than the minimum. He demonstrates critical thinking as an entrepreneur, applying learned concepts and knowledge to his own Auto Detailing business, Diploma Detailing which he started to save money for college, and exhibits a solid grasp of the principles of marketing and entrepreneurship, including the need for a dynamic model that relies on goal-setting, risk-taking, drive, curiosity, constant evaluation and adjustment, a commitment to customer service, a strong work ethic, and a creative mindset. Luke has been accepted to Old Dominion University and is waiting to hear from UVA and William and Mary. He plans to major in Business and hopes to concentrate on the areas of Entrepreneurship, Finance, Hospitality and Tourism. He hopes to start his own business after he earns his bachelor's degree.

The Senior of the Month for January from Windsor High School is Alex Juda.  Alex Juda is an exceptionally bright student who is not afraid to jump into a class discussion to share his thoughts.  Alex is always up to date on his assignments; he has been dutiful during this difficult time in remaining imminently conscientious about his work. “Alex is a very pleasant student and always has a smile--you can tell even with his mask on because his smile reaches his eyes. Every day he makes a point to say, ‘Good morning, Mrs. Presson’ and tells me to have a nice day as he leaves the class.”—Cassandra Presson, English teacher, WHS.   Alex plans to pursue a 4-year university degree.

The Senior of the Month for January from Smithfield High School is Chris Gundy.   Chris has been offered the opportunity to play football while attending the Naval Academy next year. “Chris has always been a stand out student who pushes himself both on the football field and in the classroom. I am so proud of what he has accomplished in his four years at Smithfield.”—Margaret Challand, Science Teacher, SHS.

The Senior of the Month for December from Windsor High School is Jessica Coffield.  In addition to being brilliant and hardworking, Jessica is reliable, responsible, and mature. All of these qualities combined with her friendly disposition make her a joy to teach and work with. The university that is lucky enough to enroll her next year will find they have acquired a young woman of a caliber that is rarely seen. She has continued to do what she does every month: being a bright star in all of her teacher’s classes and maintaining a positive attitude throughout the craziness of this school year. In addition to this, she continues to demonstrate her leadership skills by helping her fellow students whenever they are in need. She is an asset to all of her teachers and peers. “I’m so glad that Jessica was chosen for the honor of Senior of the Month: she is one of the most deserving students at WHS. She is easily one of the kindest, friendliest, and most genuine young adults in the senior class. These traits will help her find success in the years to come, both at the university and professional level,” Matt Burgess, Teacher. Jessica plans to continue her education at a four-year university.

The Senior of the Month for December from Smithfield High School is Annika Eng.  She is the top student in her class and has always worked above and beyond in everything she does. She is kind, helpful, polite, caring, dependable and is focused on what she wants to achieve in and outside of high school. She is a Beta officer and is currently assisting in the planning of the State Beta Convention.  The task is even more challenging this year since the Convention will be held online due to COVID-19.  She always has a positive attitude and will never hesitate to lend a hand. In addition, Annie was a Senate Page last fall semester in DC. There are only 30 students chosen in the entire country for this program. “Annika is always friendly, helpful and always goes above and beyond in school and in her community. She has hundreds of Beta service hours, which is way more than is required. She is a fantastic student and deserves this honor,” Mrs. Farey, Teacher.  Annika is planning to attend a four year university and eventually obtain her Juris Doctor degree. Her goal is to be a Navy JAG lawyer and eventually work to get people off of Death Row.

The Senior of the Month for November from Windsor High School is Terrell Pittman.  All four years of Terrell's high school career have been marked with academic success. He has met every challenging course with academic integrity and excelled in his educational performance. Terrell has proven to be successful not only in the classroom but also on the field of play, court and track. Terrell has excelled physically in basketball, football and track, playing for WHS locally and traveling internationally with his track endeavors.  He was also recognized as a State Champion for track. He has demonstrated the ability to meet demanding physical requirements and the ability to lead others to reach their full potential as a leader on his teams. Terrell has represented WHS in many leadership roles including, the Rotary Youth Leadership conference, WHS's nominee for the Harry Byrd Leadership Award, and this year was voted by his peers to represent them as the Student Government President. "While many students meet the criteria for a devoted student-leader and athlete, Terrell stands out in his personable approach to staff and students alike. In the years that I have known Terrell, I have yet to see an interaction between him and another individual that he did not treat him or her as an immediate friend. He consistently looks for ways to make others feel accepted and seen. This character trait of Terrell's makes him a stand out amongst our students." -Laura Sullivan, Principal.  Terrell plans to attend a four-year university, participate in track/field and major in political science or pre-law studies to become an attorney.

The Senior of the Month for November from Smithfield High School is Samantha Solomon.  Sam goes above and beyond for her school. Most recently, she gave her time and talent to present a heartfelt and moving speech for the second night of the academic jacket ceremony. Her words acted as a thoughtful reflection on the class of 2021's time at Smithfield High School.  “Sam has been a leader at this school, being a Mentor, a class officer her Sophomore and Junior years, and a captain of Student Congress for two years. She inspires everyone she meets and brings a lighthearted attitude when it matters most.”  Andrew Henson, Debate Team Coach and History Teacher. Samantha plans to pursue a pre-law major with a minor in psychology, then earn her juris doctor degree with a concentration in child and family law. She hopes to use her legal observations to advocate and legislate for reform of the foster care system.


Leah is outstanding in every area. An avid student, she challenges and questions, always seeking to grow. She is a talented forensics team member, in addition to her academic skills, which are formidable. Leah is an exceptional young woman whose goals and aspirations reach high. She attended a leadership academy at the University of Virginia this past summer, reaching, as always, to improve her skills and to ready herself for a bright future.  Leah was recently announced as a Commended Student in the 2021 National Merit Scholarship Program. 

"Leah is every teacher's dream: a self-motivated and persistent scholar who loves to learn and tackles every assignment as a personal mission. She is, as well, a champion for human rights. Social justice issues are very important to her and she's forthright in sharing her beliefs. She will achieve great things."--Luann Scott, teacher.  Her goal is to attend a 4-year university, hopefully UVA, and major in political science and eventually attend law school.

Hunter has remained active during this pandemic. He has continued his college and scholarship search while serving as the state representative for Beta at the National level. Hunter also recently has been in correspondence with NASA AERONAUTICS AND AIR & SPACE ADMINISTRATION.  He is working with them to be able to volunteer each day between his classes at school and Governor's School. Hunter is a very kind, charismatic young man that is always working to be the best him he can be.

"Hunter is one of the top students in his graduating class because of his positive attitude, work ethic, kind heart and academic achievements. I have seen Hunter go out of his way to include others that are feeling left out or who tend to keep to themselves." Yanci Williams, School Counselor.  Hunter plans to attend a Four Year University, hopefully Virginia Tech, majoring in Meteorology and Minoring in Music. He also plans on becoming a cadet through ROTC to work toward his career of commissioning as a Weather Officer in the United States Air Force.