The Isle of Wight County Schools Transportation Department is dedicated to ensuring the safety of every child we transport.  Our mission is to provide all students with a safe mode of transportation to and from school each day.  We strive to maintain a safe and respectful environment for the students of Isle of Wight County while on our school buses.  The dedication of our drivers and Transportation staff is of utmost importance to ensuring a positive and uplifting educational experience to all students we transport.
Important Reminder

The Transportation Department develops bus routes and stops each year. This information is published approximately one week before school begins.  Whenever possible, bus stops will placed at a street corner. Bus stops are designed to be no more than 2/10 (.2) miles from a student's home, per School Board policy. Parents are encouraged to walk elementary school students to and from the bus stop, and to be at the stop 10 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. All stop times are approximate and can vary based on conditions such as traffic, road conditions, and new stops based on student enrollment changes.