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Alternative Education

Academic Options

Work Plus Program is a cooperative program in which Isle of Wight County Public Schools students from Smithfield and Windsor High Schools are served at the Pruden Center in Suffolk. This program is for high school students (age 17 and above) who have not yet earned five (5) credits. Students are assigned to a GED preparation class and a career and technical class for the school year.

Individualized Student Alternative Education Plan:  (ISAEP) is an alternative education program designed for those students who are at least 16 years old and who are at risk of dropping out or not accumulating enough credits to graduate from high school.  Students are required to take entry tests in reading and in each of the 5 pre-GED subject areas (Mathematics, Science, Writing, Social Studies, Literature & Arts) for acceptance and obtain a reading score of 7.5 or higher, and score at least 410 in each of these subject areas.  This program is housed at Smithfield High School.  Parents are required to meet with the student’s principal or guidance counselor to determine academic program options. All academic and career and technical educational/occupational components must be completed for the student to be exempted from compulsory attendance.  Placement of a student in ISAEP is subject to recommendation by the Assistant Superintendent or designee.    
Behavioral Options

The UpLift Academy serves those students who have been removed from the regular school environment because of disciplinary infractions and for students who have been recommended for long-term suspension or expulsion from their regular school setting.  These students are given another opportunity to prove they are willing to follow school rules and regulations. If successful during their assigned tenure and completing all requirements of the program, students may return to the regular instructional program.  This program is currently housed at Smithfield Middle School.

The Tidewater Regional Alternative Education Program is a cooperative effort with five other school divisions in the area. This program serves serious offenders who are returning from state correctional facilities where they had been committed for offenses involving drugs, weapons, or personal assaults.  This program may also serve students who have been recommended for long-term suspension or expulsion or have criminal charges that are pending or have been disposed of.