Family Life Education

The Virginia General Assembly directed the Virginia Board of Education to develop objectives and curriculum guidelines for a sequential family life education curriculum in grades K through 12 in 1987.

“In 1987, §22.1-207.7 of the Code of Virginia was amended to direct the Board of Education to develop standards of learning and curriculum guidelines for comprehensive, sequential family life education (FLE) curriculum in grades K through 12. From February 1987 to December 1987, individuals from public schools (including administrators and teachers), state agencies, parent groups, non-for-profit organizations that provided family life services contributed time, resources, and expertise to help develop a report to submit to the Virginia General Assembly. The report Family Life Education : Board of Education’s Response to House Bill No.1413 included sections on the Board of Education guidelines for setting up a required FLE program, Standards of Learning objectives and descriptive statements for grades kindergarten through 12, guidelines for training individuals that teach FLE and the involving parents and community-based organizations in the local FLE program.”

The program was to be fully funded by the General Assembly in partnership with the Board of Education and Department of Education. Isle of Wight County Schools followed the suggested guidelines by appointing a community involvement team to assist in the development of Isle of Wight County’s FLE program. Program flexibility allowed for Isle of Wight County to review the state-approved Standards of Learning objectives and change them to meet Isle of Wight County objectives and needs. In 2002, the Isle of Wight County School Health Advisory Board, became the FLE community involvement team and revisions to the curriculum were updated and changed to follow the state-approved Standards of Learning objectives.

The FLE objectives are taught throughout the school year through many crossover objectives found in other curriculums. Health, social studies, science, and economics are just a few of the courses that cover objectives found in the FLE curriculum.

Parents have the opportunity to view the program materials and videos. Students can be opted out of part or all of the curriculum, although it will be explained to them that the crossover objectives will be taught in their respective areas.

Isle of Wight County Schools has trained their Physical Education teachers to handle the sensitive materials in sex-separated classes once a year. The superintendent sends a letter home, with their child’s grade appropriate objectives, prior to teaching these objectives for the parents to review.