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Middle School - English

English 6 (110906)
In this course the student will read both fiction and nonfiction for comprehension and appreciation. Textbooks and novels will be used to support learning in other disciplines and to develop critical reading and reasoning skills. Writing will also be a major focus. The student will plan, draft, revise, and edit narratives, descriptions, and explanations, focusing on composing, style, sentence formation, usage, and mechanics.
English 7 (111007)
In this course the student will continue to develop and refine reading skills through the use of fiction, nonfiction, and including poetry. The student will also continue to develop writing skills with emphasis on persuasive and technical writing. Proficiency in communication, both verbal and nonverbal, will be further developed and expanded.
English 8 (1120080)
In this course the student will learn the characteristics of various types of literature and apply that knowledge in analyzing, discussing, and writing about literature. The student will continue to develop critical reading skills and writing skills, both of which will be applied in the study of other subjects.
K-8 Language Arts 6 (1006LA)
K-8 Language Arts 7 (1007LA)
K-8 Language Arts 8 (1008LA)
This individualized instructional course for identified students with disabilities emphasizes basic reading, listening, speaking, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and writing as outlined on the student’s IEP. The course may be continued.