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Middle School - Mathematics

Math 6 (311006)
The course emphasizes rational numbers. Students will use ratios to compare data sets; recognize decimals, fractions, and percents as ratios; solve single-step and multi-step problems, using rational numbers; and gain a foundation in the understanding of integers. Students will solve linear equations and use algebraic terminology. Students will solve problems involving area, perimeter, and surface area, work with π (pi), and focus on the relationships among the properties of quadrilaterals. In addition, students will focus on applications of probability and statistics.
Math 7 (311107)
The course emphasizes the foundations of algebra. Topics in grade seven include proportional reasoning, integer computation, solving two-step linear equations, and recognizing different representations for relationships. Students will apply the properties of real numbers in solving equations, solve inequalities, and use data analysis techniques to make inferences, conjectures, and predictions. After completing this course, screening process will be used to determine placement into Math 8 or Algebra I.
Math 8 (311208)
The course provides students additional instruction and time to acquire the concepts and skills necessary for success in Algebra I. Students will gain proficiency in computation with rational numbers and will use proportions to solve a variety of problems. New concepts include solving multistep equations and inequalities, graphing linear equations, visualizing three-dimensional shapes represented in two-dimensional drawings, and applying transformations to geometric shapes in the coordinate plane. Students will verify and apply the Pythagorean Theorem and represent relations and functions, using tables, graphs, and rules.
Algebra I (31300G)
The course requires students to use algebra as a tool for representing and solving a variety of practical problems. Tables and graphs will be used to interpret algebraic expressions, equations, and inequalities and to analyze behaviors of functions. Graphing calculators, computers, and other appropriate technology tools will be used to assist in teaching and learning. Graphing utilities enhance the understanding of functions; they provide a powerful tool for solving and verifying solutions to equations and inequalities. Throughout the course, students will be encouraged to engage in discourse about mathematics with teachers and other students, use the language and symbols of mathematics in representations and communication, discuss problems and problem solving, and develop confidence in themselves as mathematics students. Instruction will focus on sequential development of concepts and skills using concrete materials to assist in the transition from the arithmetic to the symbolic. High school credit is awarded and the grade becomes a part of the high school Grade Point Average (GPA).
K-8 Mathematics 6 (2006MA)
K-8 Mathematics 7 (2007MA)
K-8 Mathematics 8 (2008MA)
This individualized instructional course for identified students with disabilities continues those mathematics reasoning and calculations skills introduced/mastered in elementary school as outlined on the student’s IEP. This course may be continued.