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Middle School - Science

Science 6 (410506)
The course integrates scientific investigation, reasoning, and logic to develop student understanding of the interrelationship of force, motion, and energy; the description, physical properties, and basic structure of matter; the health of ecosystems and the abiotic factors of a watershed; the interrelationship and interaction of Earth systems with the solar system; and the importance of Earth’s natural resources, and resource management in terms of costs, benefits, and conservation policies.
Life Science - Grade 7 (411507)
The living world is emphasized in this course by studying change, life cycles, patterns, and relationships. Students gain an understanding of these principles through the following: a study of organization and classification of organisms; the relationships among organisms, populations, communities, and ecosystems, and change due to the transmission of genetic information from generation to generation. Students will study data analysis, manipulation of variables in experimentation, and identify sources of experimental error.
Physical Science - Grade 8 (412508)
The course emphasizes the nature and structure of matter and the characteristics of energy. Areas of study will include the following: the periodic table, physical and chemical changes, nuclear reactions, temperature and heat, sound, light, electricity, magnetism, work, force, and motion. Research, experimentation, and the manipulation of variables to validate conclusions will be included.
K-8 Science 6  (3006SC)
K-8 Science 7 (3007SC)
K-8 Science 8 (3008SC)
This individualized instructional course for identified students with disabilities introduces/enhances practical science knowledge using a hands-on approach as outlined on the student’s IEP. This course may be continued.