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Middle School Courses » Middle School - Social Studies

Middle School - Social Studies

U. S. History I - Grade 6 (235406)
The course covers United States history up to the year of 1865. Areas of study include change and continuity in our history and the study of historical documents and speeches that comprise the foundation of American ideals and institutions. Simulations, class debates, projects, primary sources will be the cornerstones of the class. Map and globe skills are used to interpret information, and think in historical terms.
U. S. History II - Grade 7 (235407)
The course covers United States history from 1865 to present day. The end of the Reconstruction Period to the present day is emphasized. Primary Sources, discussion, debate, historical analysis, and persuasive writing are used to study historical events.
Civics and Economics - Grade 8 (235708)
This course examines the structure and functions of government at national, state, and local levels. The study of historical documents, such as the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom are used to provide an understanding of the law, a sense of civic duty, and patriotism. Emphasis is on the study of the United States and Virginia constitutions. A basic knowledge of the American economic system is developed by studying its structure and free market concepts.
K-8 Social Studies 6 (4006SS)
K-8 Social Studies 7 (4007SS)
K-8 Social Studies 8 (4007SS)
This individualized instructional course for identified students with disabilities emphasizes the major content components of history/social science and stresses citizenship and awareness needed for adult functioning as outlined on the student’s IEP. This course may be continued.