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Middle School Courses » Middle School - Health/Physical Education

Middle School - Health/Physical Education

Health and Physical Education - Grade 6 (711006)
Health and Physical Education - Grade 7 (712007)
Health and Physical Education - Grade 8 (720008)
In this course students will develop more sophistication in understanding health issues and practicing health skills. They will apply physical, emotional, social, and environmental health skills and strategies to improve or maintain personal and family health. Students will begin to understand adolescent health issues and concerns and the relationship between choices and consequences. They will be taught how to be a positive role model and the impact of positive and negative peer pressure. Students will demonstrate injury-prevention behaviors at school and in their community. Students will experience a variety of activities to learn and apply movement concepts to understand how and why the body moves. Activities are used to build movement competence and confidence through acquisition, performance, and refinement of skills. Students will explain the importance of and exhibit the ability to be safe in a variety of movement activities. They will apply knowledge of types of joints to explain a variety of movements. Students will explain the connection between energy balance and nutrition guidelines, meal planning, and heart rate. They will apply skills of measurement, analysis, goal setting, problem solving, and decision making to create and implement a basic personal fitness plan to improve or maintain the health-related components of fitness. Students will demonstrate and apply skills of communication, conflict resolution, appreciation of the contribution of others, and cooperation to achieve individual and group goals in the physical activity setting. Students will identify and apply skills of focus and self-control, making connections, critical and creative thinking, taking on challenges, and self-directed engaged learning.