Welcome to Isle of Wight County Schools!

Any child who reaches the age of 5 by September 30 of the start of a new school year may enroll as a kindergarten student in IWCS. Students with birthdays after September 30 must wait until the following school year to attend public school in Virginia.

To ensure a smooth transition for students transferring from other school divisions, it is important that school records be forwarded in a timely manner. Please be sure to provide your child's current school with contact information for their new IWCS school. Once records are received, placement and class schedules can be set.
PowerSchool Enrollment allows you to register your child for school online using the link below with any of the popular web browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, FireFox and Safari. When you have completed all the data entry required, you will bring the required documentation to your child's school to complete the registration process.
Students are admitted to the Learning Center Preschool program based on a separate application process.  Please wait to complete the new student registration until your child has been approved for the program.  
Please select the GREEN link to begin registration for the 2023-2024 school year.  Please do not register in the current year if your child will not attend school until the Fall of 2024. 
Please select the RED link to begin registration for the 2024-2025 school year. 

For assistance creating a Parent PowerSchool account, please contact your child’s school directly. For any technical difficulties encountered during the enrollment process, please contact PowerSchool using these channels.

Please contact the school office or Shelby Boswell at 757-357-4393 or by email at [email protected] with additional questions.  
The student will be enrolled when the school has reviewed the online registration information and the documents listed below.
  1. Proof of Residency – see list below
  2. Child’s State Issued Birth Certificate
  3. Child’s Physical Health Form – dated within 12 months of school start date and Immunization Record (Click here for additional information and a sample School Entrance Physical Exam form from the Virginia Department of Education.)
  4. Custody papers (if applicable)
  5. Photo Identification - of Parent/Guardian
Per School Board regulation, JEC-R, the following are acceptable documents to be used when declaring residency for the purpose of attending schools in Isle of Wight County:
  • Mortgage contract with date of occupancy or completion
  • Lease agreement signed by Leaser and Lessee with amount paid by week, month,
    or etc.
  • Rental agreement signed by Landlord and Renter with amount paid by week,
    month, or etc.
  • If social services is involved then certification of services listing the 911 address
    of the recipient.
Or two items of documentation from the following groups:
  • Mortgage bill statement
  • Real estate tax receipt showing correct 911 address.
  • Utility bills indicating name of residence and current Isle of Wight County 911
    address. Utilities accepted are as follows: electric, water, gas, or sewage.

Telephone bills and cable TV bills are not acceptable.

The Superintendent or his/her designee may require two or more documentations of proof of residency, for example: court papers, W-2 and/or W-4 forms, income tax returns, etc. and/or may conduct home visits to verify residency.
If you are living with another family in Isle of Wight, the Shared Housing Form will need to be completed in order to register a student. Please be advised that shared housing form must be completed annually.
If you have questions about the enrollment process, please call the main office of your child's new school or call 757-357-4393 for information.